As I've got too many conversions on at any one time and not enough time to paint everything at the moment, here are my current works in progress for your delight and delectation. The picture quality isn't great but I'm working on it:


My current Tau shas'ui team leader in progress. Greenstuffed to extend the arm for a dynamic pose.


My current fio'la sapper. Built from Tau Fire warriors, the Tau spotter from the vehicle box and Imperial Catachan fighters.


Cockroach boy. One of my winged Tyranid warriors with the insect wings from the old Wood Elf Ariel special character. Just too creepy to paint properly...


I'm currently working on an Exodite Eldar auxiliaries list for the Tau, involving the normal Exodite huge chosty dinosaurs. Here's my Exodite Lord on Pterodactyl with an executioner polearm.


More pics when I get time.